2023 Race Results

2023 Race Results





 Race Name




 Full Fleet


3 April Palmer Memorial Race Ben Banks Roger Bufton Steve Thompson 4th Julian Weyer-Brown
5th Max Baker
6th Richard Baker
Well done to Ben for his first win in his new boat!
9 April Easter Series 1 Paul Wilson Chris Oli 4th Ben Banks
5th Julian Weyer-Brown
6th Roger Bufton
Extremely close between 4th and 5th places lead to an exciting race!
16 April Easter Series 3 Ben Banks Oli Julian 4th Roger Bufton
5th Clive
6th Chris
23 April Doug Dawe Tropy Julian Steve Clive 4th Roger Bufton
5th Kerion
30 April Spring Series 1 Doug Chris Max 4th Roger Bufton
5th Clive
6th Kirsty
01 May Spring Series 2 Paul Roger Steve and Alice 4th Richard (by seconds)
5th Clive
6th Kirsty
08 May Coronation Race 1 Steve Ben Julian 4th Kirstie
5th Clive
6th Richard/Annabell
7th Roger
14 May Spring Series 3 Julian Max Roger 4th Steve
5th Gus/Sarah
6th Chris
7th Kordie
8th Kirstie
9th Steve/Alice
10th Richard
11th Annabelle
21 May Buckley Cup Ben Roger Keiron 4th Steve and Alice
5th Clive
6th Julian and Sara
7th Steve
8th Kordi
28 May Harbour Series 1 Ben Steve Julian 4th Clive
5th Doug
6th Richard
7th Keiron
8th Roger
9th Gus, Annabel and Max
10th Chris
11th Paul and Frank
29 May Harbour Series 2 Julian Clive Steve 4th Roger
5th Lucy
6th Richard
7th Paul and Frank
04 June Parson and Clerk Ben Julian Steve 4th Clive
5th Gus and Jeff
6th Richard
7th Kirstie
8th Roger
9th Kieron
10th Phil
09 June Shaldon Heritage Sailing Race Steve Julian Rowan 4th Brian
5th Max
6th Richard
7th Jane and Peter
10 June Heritage Harbour Race Saturday Tim Ben Steve 4th Clive
5th Claire
6th Jane and Peter
7th Lucy
8th Roger
9th Julian
11 June Heritage Harbour Race Sunday Tim Nick Ben 4th Steve
5th Clive
6th Max
7th Roger
18 June Mike Willets Memorial Steve Max Rowan 4th Clive
5th Richard
6th Roger
7th Steve and Alice
8th Julian
9th Geoff and Annabelle
25 June Jenner Noote Pursuit Ben Steve Roger joint with Gus and Mike 4th Chris and Max
5th Richard and Charlie
6th Geoff and Annabelle
7th Kieron and Sara
8th Phil
9th Mark
10th Chris
02 July David Hill Memorial Steve Clive Kirstie 4th Mark
09 July Roy Lightfoot Pursuit Steve Gus Max 4th Rachel
5th Rebecca
6th Ricahrd
7th Lucy
8th Kordi
16 July Summer Series 1 Ben Steve Roger 4th Clive
5th Julian
6th Steve/Alice
7th Richard
8th Kordi
23 July Summer Series 2 Max Clive Steve 4th Chris
5th Gus and Mike
6th Kirstie
7th Steve and Alice
8th Richard
9th Xander
30 July Summer series 3 Ben Julian Roger
06 Aug Jon Barrett Pursuit Ben Steve Roger 4th Rebecca and Michael
5th Julian
6th Rachel
7th Gus and Mike
8th Kodi
9th Kirstie
13 Aug Pot Luck Pursuit Roger Julian Gus and Susie 4th Linden
5th Richard
6th Sarah and Steve
20 Aug Harbour Series 3 Fast Fleet Steve Richard Kieron 4th Max
20 Aug Harbour Series 3 Slow Fleet Doug Steve and Alice Chris
26 Aug Shaldon Regatta 1 Rob Upton Max Baker Ben Banks
27 Aug Shaldon Regatta 2 Nick Clarance Trudie Fell Roger Bufton
03 Sept Autumn Series 1 Chris Ben Doug 4th Gus
5th Keiron
10 Sept Autumn Series 2 Chris and Geoff Julian Gus and Suzy 4th Steve and Clive
24 Sept SSC Challenge Cup Julian Clive Mark 4th Kirstie
5th Gus and Susie
01 Oct October Series 1 Race 1 Julian Chris and Mike Roger
01 Oct October Series 1 Race 2 Chris and Mike Roger Julian
08 Oct October Series 2 Chris and Mike Julian Roger
15 Oct October Series 3 Julian Chris and Mike Roger 4th Mark and Geoff
22 Oct October Series 4 Chris and Mike Julian Roger 4th Kirstie
5th Gus and Suzie
6th Clive
7th Geoff
29 Oct October Series 5