Race Results






7 April Paul Wilson Roger Bufton Steve Thompson Only 3 sailed due to strong E. wind
14 April No Race- Winds too strong. No race due to very strong E. wind
21 April Chris Clarance Gil Gill Gus Smallwood 5 boats sailed. Went to 2nd green buoy
22 April Roger Bufton Gil Gill Mike Parkes 5 boats sailed. Went to Spratt Sand buoy.
28 April Paul Wilson Mike Clayton Ronan W Brown 9 boats sailed. Went to red sea buoy
 5 May  Paul Wilson  Doug Battam  Jon Barrett
 12 May  Paul Wilson  David Hill  Mike Clayton
 19 May  Paul Wilson  David Hill  Mike Parkes
 26 May Paul Wilson  Jon Barrett  David Craddock
 27 May Paul Wilson  Gus Smallwood  ——–  Only 2 finished.
 2 June Paul Wilson  Nick Clarance  Chris Allen  Pot Luck Pursuit Race.
 9 June  David Hill  Doug Battam  Nick Clarance  A ‘D’ course around the harbour; not much wind.  11 boats raced.
16 June  Paul Wilson  Nick Clarance  Roger Bufton  Only 3 sailed due to high winds