Welcome to Shaldon Sailing Club.

2023 marks the 200th anniversary of Shaldon Sailing Club.  The club celebrated with a successful Shaldon Heritage Sailing Weekend. For more information and photos about the weekend visit here.

Shaldon Sailing Club, founded in 1823 and is the third oldest in the UK.   We are a small friendly family Club; we race several classes of dinghy throughout the summer, from early April to late September.  Boats are kept on Shaldon beach during the season.

We have a small clubhouse which we use for small social functions and gym based activities.

Most of our races are on a Sunday- see the Fixture Schedule .  Shaldon Sailing Club is an ideal club to learn to race with.  Being a Family Club, we have both learners and experienced sailors competing in the races and we are not over- competitive so that ‘learners’ will not get discouraged.

Be sure to check out our News page for the latest information for our members and Useful Stuff page for details of membership and boat parking.