2019 Newsletter

Shaldon Sailing Club Spring Newsletter 2019

Hi All,

Days are getting longer and the spring is nearly in the air! We are looking forward to some exciting races this season, great weather and stiffer competition. We hope to have more sea races, and get involved with members of local sailing clubs to create more exciting racing.

We have some new members so hopefully the numbers racing each week will increase. We need a committee boat and a rescue boat for sea races; we already have some people who have volunteered to assist but if any of you know people who would be interested in driving the rescue boat or helping with the race management then be sure to ask them if they would like to help the Club. We will run a rescue boat training course in April for those likely to drive the rescue boat.

A concern is that Teignbridge District Council is trying to increase the amount that we pay for the licence to park our dinghies on the Beach. We are still negotiating with them but it is likely that they will charge the Club more this year; – so don’t be surprised if you get request for more money later in the season!

That brings me to the subject of subscriptions and of course they are now due. The rates have been reduced for sailing members and they are as follows:

Sailing: Single= £60; Family= £80; Junior= £15;

Associate members= £20 (£15 extra for those who have already paid for this year).

Parking fee to remain at £16 per boat until the new beach rental is finalised.

You can pay online- Bank details are: Sort code= 30 96 06; Account number: 01985362.

Members to pay £1 per race towards fuel; Visitors= £2 per race (and must fill in a Membership form).

There will be Sail Training again this year starting in May, this is an ideal opportunity for both young and older persons to learn or improve sailing techniques. Dave Bayliss and Julian Weyer Brown are both RYA Approved Training Instructors and will provide all levels of training.

If you have friends or relations who may be interested in taking up this opportunity please tell them about it because we need more sailing members and it is a steep learning curve to go straight into sea racing without some experience! The Club will have the use of a Topper, an Enterprise, a Taser and a Pacer dinghy. The first week of sail training is land based and then there are 10 weeks on the water (subject to weather). There will always be a rib on the water to provide advice and safety cover.

There are great fitness training facilities in the clubhouse; we have 2 of the latest Concept2 rowing machines, weights, benches, and a pull up bar. This is free to use for paid up members and only ask £1 per visit for visitors. The clubhouse is ideal for meetings and small gatherings with tea and coffee making facilities with drinks and chocolates in the fridge. There is an active yoga class Tuesday evenings.

There are now 25 Sailing members and 17 new Associate members who use the facilities and we are looking to swell the numbers this season.

If you have not experienced an “At Home” event it is highly recommended; each large sailing club hosts every other sailing club in a social with free food and a drink. The first of the season will be at TCYC on Sat 9th Feb 2019, just email me if you are coming.

The first SSC event is the Launch Supper on Saturday 6th April and the first race will be on Sunday 7th April; all members are welcome to the Launch Supper with the format of a quiz, raffle, and people bring one plate of food with their own drinks. (Jenny Gill co-ordinates the food so there are not 30 dishes all the same! Phone 01626 779795).

We will be circulating the Race Programme in the next few weeks listing all the SSC dates and contact details.

There is a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Shaldon-Sailing-Club-169761153662201/ where we upload photos and items of interest and we are also setting up a WhatsApp group.

Best wishes,

Gil Gill, Hon. Secretary SSC.

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