2019 Prize Winners






7 April  Paul Wilson  Roger Bufton Steve Thompson Only 3 sailed due to strong E. wind
14 April  No Race- Winds  too strong. No race due to very strong E. wind
21 April  Chris Clarance  Gil Gill Gus Smallwood 5 boats sailed. Went to 2nd green buoy
22 April  Roger Bufton  Gil Gill Mike Parkes 5 boats sailed. Went to Spratt Sand buoy.
28 April  Paul Wilson  Mike Clayton Ronan W Brown 9 boats sailed. Went to red sea buoy
 5 May  Paul Wilson  Doug Battam  Jon Barrett  Spring Series 2
 12 May  Paul Wilson  David Hill  Mike Clayton  Spring Series 3
 19 May  Paul Wilson  David Hill  Mike Parkes  Buckley Cup
 26 May  Paul Wilson  Jon Barrett  David Craddock  Spring B/H 1
 27 May  Paul Wilson  Gus Smallwood  ——–  Only 2 finished.
 2 June  Paul Wilson  Nick Clarance  Chris Allen  Pot Luck Pursuit Race.
 9 June  David Hill  Doug Battam  Nick Clarance  A ‘D’ course around the harbour; not much wind.  11 boats raced.
 16 June  Paul Wilson  Nick Clarance  Roger Bufton  Only 3 sailed due to high winds
 23 June  Paul Wilson  David Hill  Doug Battam  Harbour Series 1
 30 June  Paul Wilson  David Hill  Jon Barrett  Harbour Series 2
 7 July  Paul Wilson  Jon Barrett  Doug Battam  Roy Lightfoot pursuit
 14 July  David Hill  Jon Barrett  Steve Thompson  Parson & Clerk race
 21 July  Doug Battam  David Hill  Gil Gill  A nice round the harbour race
 28 July  Paul Wilson  David Hill  Julian W Brown  Summer series 3
 4 Aug  David Hill  Julian W Brown  Gil Gill  A sea race near outer green buoy.
 11 Aug  Paul Wilson  Nick Clarance  Steve Thompson  4 boats retired due to high winds
 1 Sept  Paul Wilson  Roger Bufton  Jon Barrett  Jenner Noote Pursuit Race
 8 Sept  Sue Rendell  Chris Allen  Mike Clayton  Harbour & out- wind died later.
 15 Sept  Mike Clayton  Jon Barrett  David Craddock  A sea race in good winds.
 22 Sept  Gus Smallwood  —————-  ———————-  Wind picked up after start- other 2 boats retired.

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