Shaldon Heritage Sailing Weekend June 2023

Shaldon Sailing Club Heritage Weekend Friday 9th June to Sunday 11th June 2023 to mark 200 years of Shaldon Sailing Club

Shaldon Sailing Club’s Heritage Weekend, held from Friday, June 9th to Sunday, June 11th, 2023, was a delightful celebration marking 200 years of the club’s existence. The event was packed with thrilling races, scrumptious food, and captivating fundraising activities. Here’s a report that brings the weekend’s festivities to life:

The weekend kicked off on Friday, June 9th, with a delightful sight as visiting dinghies gracefully descended upon the shores of Shaldon Beach. Race 1 commenced at 16:00 with light winds. Excitement soared as participants eagerly vied for victory, their competitive spirits undeterred. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement, especially for the Heritage Dinghies, which were accorded a special race class just for them. Whether on the open sea or within the cozy confines of the harbour, sailors were ready to showcase their skills.

The sailors set up camp in a marquee on Shaldon beach and decorated with photos of historical photos of Shaldon sailing club activities. These can now be seen in the Shaldon Sailing Club Clubhouse.

After the exhilarating race, sailors and spectators gathered in the marquee on the beach to satiate their appetites. Pulled pork burgers, along with a delectable vegetarian option, tempted palates and ensured that everyone was well-fed. While thirsts were quenched with drinks brought along by the attendees, the convivial ambiance fostered lively conversations and laughter.

As the sun dawned on Saturday, June 10th, Race 2 beckoned at 11:45 hours. There was unfortunately a light wind with slight drizzle, however some hardy sailor embark on a harbour race. Following the race, participants retreated ashore to enjoy a delightful lunch and recharge for the forthcoming adventures.

For Race 3 at 15:30 the rain had eased off and there were a higher turnout of sailers. Chris Clarence devised a series of shorter races using a draw-based system to determine starting position on the beach. Winds remained light against the tide, bringing out the sailors skills in light winds.

Saturday evening welcomed an exceptional event, the MV Pride of Exmouth set from Shaldon Beach at 19:00. This memorable gathering had two diverse entertainment acts, Lesley Presley on the top deck and Shoreside with Reuben Murray on the middledeck. Lesley Presley captivated hearts and uplifted spirits onboard the top deck. While savouring delectable cheese rolls, attendees partied in an evening full of laughter and camaraderie.

On the final day, Sunday, June 11th, there was a record number of 15 dinghies entered for the last race of the Heritage Weekend. Race 4 commenced at 12:45 hours. The harbour race offered participants one final chance to showcase their skills and claim victory before bidding adieu to this momentous celebration. There was a fresh breeze which allowed for a D course over the salty and the harbour, with some position swapping amongst the lasers.

After the racing, the prize-giving ceremony and the barbecue commenced. Athletes and spectators alike gathered to commemorate the accomplishments of the sailing weekend. Amidst laughter and shared stories, the savoury aroma of barbecued delights wafted through the air, signifying a delightful conclusion to an unforgettable occasion.

The Shaldon Sailing Club Heritage Weekend, with its exciting races, delectable feasts, and engaging fundraising activities, created cherished memories and solidified the club’s legacy as it commemorated 200 years of excellence. Sailors and enthusiasts departed with a renewed passion for the sport and a deep appreciation for the rich heritage that continues to shape the Shaldon Sailing Club.

Many thanks to Chris Clarance for organising the racing, to Jenny for organising the raffle, Denise and Sally for their catering work, Roger for the marquee and everyone who came to lend a hand. Money raised from the fundraising has gone towards funding the new rescue boat and to further support the club.